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5 Most Popular Lao Dance

Combining the richness of Lao music with the graceful movements of dancers, Lao dance is distinctive and sets Laos apart from its neighbors. Here are the 5 most popular types of Lao dance that you may join the locals when you travel in Laos.

1.    Lam Vong

Lam Vong... 			
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Top 5 Camping Grounds

Source: Vietnam Traveller Magazine, May and June 2015 Issue

Camping for many can be one of those getaways that sounds great in theory. Getting in touch with nature, cooking over a roaring fire and first-fighting bears are fantastic and all until you get some weird rash from a poisonous plant, realize you...

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Traveling back centuries through Laos

By Beverly Mann

Laos is a world of wild wilderness, white-water rapids, foamy waterfalls, and a wondrous array of underground caves, where mountains and plateaus cover 70% of its natural landscape. An enchanting enclave unto itself, Laos is landlocked and bordered by Burma, Cambodia,...

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A Lingering Legacy of Untouched Beauty

"It was like entering another world surrounded by the majestic beauty of towering limestone peaks and the Nam Song River lined with colorful fishing boats." -- Beverly Mann

Giant fans of green foliage carpet the mammoth mountainside bearing tall and slender teak, sandalwood, and rosewood trees nestled against the shoreline, adding a spark of color...

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