We encourage our guests to learn about an ancient culture by taking the time to live and observe the local villagers, in a harmonious and non-intrusive manner. Our guests can join in the local activities if the villagers welcome them, our guests can also choose to just appreciate the remote lifestyles through quiet participation and observation. The key of this experience is quiet appreciation, allowing our guests to get in touch with their innermost selves, learning more about themselves by being a part of an ancient community, oblivion to the outside world.

Kamu lodge is located adjacent to the Kamu village. Considerable attention has been made by the creators of Kamu Lodge to ensure the seamless integration into the local environment by tapping into local knowledge and materials. Working closely with the village head, Kamu Lodge engages villagers to work at the lodge, sharing and teaching the management how to deliver the Kamu experience in a most authentic and sustainable manner.

Ever conscious about encroaching and changing the local habits, founders of Kamu Lodge collaborated with the various authorities to ensure its slow travel concept is fully supported by experts in the developmental fields. For instance, Kamu Lodge collaborates with the local health authorities to provide medical care to the villagers. Kamu Lodge also supports the local community via micro credit financing supported by Laos Village Development Fund, helping the villagers to realize their dreams.

For guests who wish to help the local villagers and its community as they travel in Luang Prabang, the management would meet with the village head, local authorities and governing bodies to establish and conduct feasibility studies. For instance, building decent classrooms and schools to encourage children to attend classes.