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The Luang Say Lodge and Cruises

The Mekong river is the artery of life in Laos: a trading route, a source of food and water, and a social centre for the settlements along its route. Known locally as The Mother of Waters, discover with this cruise why the river has been venerated and worshiped for thousands of years. You will see villages along the river from several ethnic groups, ancient Buddhist temples, and all the activities that contribute to the economy of the people in Laos, such as farming, fishing, weaving, gold mining, whiskey distilling, and teak logging. Enjoy your Mekong cruise through this rich, colorful and historic region, largely untouched by the modern world.

The Luang Say Mekong cruise proposes different cruises combine with Kamu Lodge:

3 Days & 2 Night – Upstream – Travel from Luang Prabang, to Huay Xai with stops overnight at Kamu Lodge and Luang Say Lodge

3 Days & 2 Night – Downstream – Travel from Huay Xay to Luang Prabang with stops overnight at Luang Say Lodge and Kamu Lodge

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