Top 5 rice meals recipes in Laos

Laos is famous for delicious meals made from rice. Here are top popular 5 rice meals recipes.

1. Coconut Sticky Rice in Banana Leaves

Prepare: 1 cup sticky rice, 1 cup fresh coconut milk, 1/3 cup sugar, 1 plantain sliced, 1 package banana leaves. Take one cup...

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Sustainable Village

From each visitor’s charges, $1 USD is automatically dedicated to a local economy support program. These automatic contributions are injected to the Village Development Fund, which is used as a rotating micro credit service. The community, through a participatory approach involving villagers, the lodge and local authorities together, takes all decisions. Both guests and the lodge’s administration provide regular donations to the village’ school and other local institutions. Thus, the school could be recently renovated with a special donation of $13,000 offered by a generous visitor, amount which was completed with $2 000 from Kamu Lodge. In 2011, over US$ 52,000 accrued to villagers, 70% of which were earned from Kamu Lodge incomes. The remaining 30% came from donations for the school or medical support.

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It's time to go off grid for a while. Part of our trip to Laos includes an overnight stay in the Kamu village: a purpose built lodge resort adjacent to the dwellings of an indigenous Laotian tribe namely the Kamu's. This meant a 3 hour trip on the Mekong in a long, but quite speedy,...

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 Traditional Kamu Massage

Traditional Kamu Massage in a hut overlooking the Mekong river. The Kamu people have relied on the curative powers of traditional massage for centuries. Today, visitors to Kamu Lodge can partake of the healing power of Laotian massage in our open-air pavilion on the banks of the Mekong. Relax under the hands of...

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