Social Sciences (Bachelor of Arts) The course may be studied full-time and part-time.

abroad doable, but not mandatory.Brief description.How will be the company organized? How does the work and qualified life changed? How conflicts and social prejudices be explained? What's globalization and how the many modifications in operate culture, small business and politics around the individual and his daily routine like? They are some of the questions which students will encounter within the bachelor plan, whether they handle industrial or family members sociology, education systems or cultural sociology at the instance of non-European countries or the Federal Republic of Germany.To such concerns to clarify the students do with theoretical approaches, investigation methods and methods familiar. Just the communication of scientific literacy expertise in empirical social research is often a central component of your study of social sciences here at the University of Hannover. In addition, thematic priorities they're about expertise of essential social topics and acquire the expertise to reflect their knowledge critically and to expand on their own. These expertise are supplemented by workouts in which students discover to analyze complex social problems and communicate insights proper.

priorities.Industrial and organizational sociology cultural anthropology with focus on Latin America Solutions of Social Research scientific mla bibliography format and educational sociology.The structure of the program is made interdisciplinary. Furthermore to the core places of structural and subject-oriented sociology and political science additional compartments with perform within the education of undergraduate students. Within the first semesters fundamental sociological and political theory at the interface among society, institutions and individuals are discussed.Students understand how economic and social structures have evolved and how political systems are created. Inside the topic location primarily based on it numerous sociological concentrate are accessible. Right here it is potential to create their very own vocational training as a profile and deepen, which delivers a basis for additional degrees of Master simultaneously.What's also vital for the job procedures coaching, be acquired in the basic expertise inside the "Methods of Social Research" and "Statistical presentation and analysis". In analysis seminars students can discovered based on a chosen topic of them through its personal investigation into practice.

Semester Compulsory modules Elective Area A electives B electives C essential abilities and internships 1 Introduction to Sociology (eight LP) Introduction to Political Science (6 CP) person and society (six CP) social structure and social statistics (6 credits) Introduction to the procedures of empirical study two analysis of modern societies (8 LP) state and policy (6 LP) non-standard-quality technique of empirical research (portion A) (10 LP) standardized quantifying strategy of empirical study (part A) (12 LP) (incl . statistics 1) essential abilities (12 LP) Aesthetics (12 LP)3 Non-standard-quality approach of empirical research (part B) (10 LP) Standardized quantifying strategy of empirical study (portion B) (12 LP) (incl. Statistics two) perform organization and social state 1 (10 LP) Education, Culture 1 and resumes (10 LP) cultural anthropology and global society 1 (10 LP)Selection of two modules, a total of 20 credits.Elective location C (20 LP)Module of other subjects (as an example, law, economics, small business administration, philosophy, history, Transformation Research.4 Analysis finding out module (18 CP)5 operate organization and social state 2 (ten LP) Education, Culture and resumes two (ten LP) cultural anthropology and worldwide society 2 (ten LP) collection of two modules, a total of 20 credits. 6Thesis (10 LP)Readiness for closer examination of professional scientific subjects and to perform independently Willingness to substantial reading specialized scientific texts great command of English and information of a minimum of one particular other present foreign language is useful for study and operate (no compulsory language requirements)The study of Social Sciences provides diverse experienced and specializations in numerous fields. The absence of a particular job description for social scientists * inside, requested by the students in the very same time but additionally a high level of initiative and flexibility in future profession arranging. Possible employment possibilities are scientific research, education and coaching, project management, public relations and consulting perform, private improvement and association operate and industry, opinion and industry investigation.

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