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Sustainable honeymooning

Honeymooners Anne & Mike had their candlelight dinner in the middle of the paddy in the middle of the jungle near Luang Prabang. The “magical” moment was complemented with a spectacular traditional dance ceremony with the local villagers.

The traditional Laos way of life – farming, fishing, weaving, dancing, and an existence dependent on the land and the community – is largely a mystery to the 21st century westerner. In 2004, Apple Tree Asia and the Kamu tribe built a 20-hut lodge adjacent their village so together they could share and preserve this local culture with the creation of Kamu Lodge.

Villagers not only gain income from employment at the lodge but a large portion of the proceeds goes directly back into the community in the form of schools, health care, and a micro-financing development fund. Staying at this environmentally- and socially-conscious hotel was enriching on so many levels and it was fun that felt good.

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